Devolett Planners Daily Planner 2019 – Gratitude, Reflection, Undated Weekly Monthly Agenda to Increase Productivity, Time Management & Happiness, Personal Day Organizer with Colorful Calendars & Maps

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Brand: ARWEY

Color: Blue


  • 📗PERFECT ALL IN ONE PLANNER📗 – Devolett is the most comprehensive planner to organize your life. You will have the advantage of self organization at school, office, or if you are one of those freespirited travelers. It has 6 different remarkable sections which are Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Project and Budget Pages. This planner will help you define your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. Also it’s a 6-Month planner.
  • 📗DEVOLETT MAKES YOU MORE EFFICIENT📗 – When you have a routine that you follow daily, it reduces the need to make decisions each day. It enables you to focus and know exactly what tasks you need to do each day without having to contemplate, decide or think too much. When you are finished with one task, you know what comes next without much thought. Activities become standardized and you become more efficient as a result.
  • 📗HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE📗 – Our planner boasts a luxurious, semi-soft ecofriendly faux leather stitched cover with blue jean effect, hand-bound with 80gsm special light & bright white paper, 3 digital printed ( Daily – Weekly – Monthly ) ribbon marker, a pen holder and a stylish closure to keep it all together. Plus Devolett comes to you in a beautiful gift box.
  • 📗BONUSES & GUARANTEE📗 – Included with your Devolett Planner are some incredible e-books (“Panacea to Procrastination” and “Productivity Secrets”) and a document on how to use your Devolett planner more effective. If you don’t feel happier and more productive, just reach out to us for a simple, no-hassle refund.
  • 📗WE CARE ABOUT WORLD📗 – Devolett is FSC certified. Climate change will increase the likelihood of extreme weather events. This year alone, extreme weather events have already cost thousands of lives. These have included deadly heat waves in India and Pakistan, to severe flooding in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar. Protecting our forests from deforestation can help limit the impact and severity of natural disasters. Saving trees can save lives.

Format: Day to Day Calendar


All in One, Most Comprehensive Planner Ever!

Looking for the best day planner to boost your productivity, & happiness? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy some relaxation?

If so, the Devolett Planner is for you!

Write down your dreams, travel experiences, work notes and say goodbye to stress and anxiety! Where there is positive thinking, there is power; and where there is power, there is success. Keep it in your pocket or at your desk. It’s guaranteed that the Devolett Planner is going to be one of your favorite personalized accessories!

This personal day planner will help you incorporate productivity and gratitude techniques into your daily life. Set weekly, monthly, yearly and daily goals, focus on what’s important, beat procrastination, incorporate gratitude and affirmation techniques and much more.

Created for goal-oriented users, this top-notch daily productivity planner will help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks to work efficiently and get your things done. This basic habit of using this cute, small planner will do miracle!

Organization & Focus

These two ideas are what The Devolett Planner is all about. Designed to be uncluttered and easy to use, it will allow you to envision exactly what you want and provide you with the organization, full focus and motivation to achieve whatever you set out to do.

Its compact size and lightweight design allow you to carry it everywhere.

» Size: B5 ~ 24 x 17 cm (9.45 x 6.70 inches)

» 6 months undated

» Habit tracker

» Gratitude journal 

» Affirmations

» Pen holder

» Stylish closure

» 3 written bookmarks

» Elegant inner pocket 

» Dotted notes section

» Comes in FREE stylish gift box which makes it a perfect gift!

UPC: 642419893066

EAN: 0642419893066


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