Foot Pads by Crescena | Premium Natural Foot Patches | Pain Relief | Improve Circulation & Cognitive Relaxation – 100% Organic | FDA Certified | 20ct.

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Brand: Crescena


  • 🌸CLEANSING & CARE: Our Bamboo Vinegar Cleansing foot pads are made to provide you with an all-natural and pure way to boost your natural defenses, cleanse your body and help you relax. By combining our Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads with herbs and fragrant oils, we give your body the care it needs to revitalize itself naturally while you sleep.
  • 🌸RELAXING & CALMING: With a blend of Lavender and Rose oils, our body cleanse foot patches are calming and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep. These bamboo foot pads are the perfect choice for men, women, and children that want to relieve tension, relax and enjoy better sleep!
  • 🌸FEEL HEALTHY & STAY ACTIVE: These flower scented pads naturally help cleanse your body while calming your senses with their aromatic fragrance. The result is a body that smells fabulous and feels healthy so you stay active around the clock. Simply attach the pads to the bottoms of your feet before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!
  • 🌸RELIEVE STRESS AND PAIN: Crescena foot pads aids your body through improved natural waste excretion and also boost metabolism as well as provide fast relief from pain and aching muscles. It naturally helps it recover, improve brain clarity, boost energy and promote a more healthier complexion.
  • 🌸100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Crescena Foot Pads are made using only the highest quality natural ingredients and double sealed to preserve their freshness for longer. We use our own unique and incredibly potent formula that is certified by the FDA, CE, ISO, MSDS, SGS to provide our customers with a foot and body patch that provides fast and reliable results. Each purchase is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you can order knowing your investment is risk-free.


Relax Your Body and Blow Stress Away With Crescena FDA Certified Upgraded 2 in 1 Foot Pads!
Are you feeling tired, sluggish or just can’t seem to get rid of brain fog? Feeling stressed, bloated or just can’t seem to fall asleep? Want quick and lasting pain relief? If yes, then our metatarsal pads are exactly what you’re looking for!

Floral Aromatic Food Pads to Relax & Repair Your Body
These Lavender & Rose Foot Pads by Crescena are the perfect substitution for harmful chemicals and substances that give your body artificial sleepiness and energy. This 20 pack of foot patches gives you 10 days of 2 different types of foot patches for therapeutic sleep and stress relief to give you a serene night of rest!

Our Customers Love These Foot Patches!
Thousands of customers from all over the world are enjoying the aromatherapy of lavender and rose bamboo adhesive foot pads! Hundreds of raving reviews across the internet! Don’t believe them? Try it yourself!

10 Day Supply!
Simply adhere a foot patch on each foot while you sleep for 10 days and experience a long term body cleanse!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with these foot pads, we will offer a full refund or send you replacement items!

Ingredients1. Bamboo/Wood Vinegar Powder, Tourmaline, Lavender Extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, “Yellow Flower” Mugwort Flower, Rose Extract, Negative Ion Powder, Dextrin

How to Use1. Thoroughly clean your feet
2. Remove the adhesive backing from the foot pad
3. Apply the patch to the sole of your feet or other body parts.
4. Remove after 6-10 hours and see the results!

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