Himalayan Salt Lamp with Wood Base & Dimmer Cord & Light Bulbs,7-9 inch,6.6-11 lbs

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Brand: YYout

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  • HAND-CARVED DECOR: Available in either a small 1-2KG size medium 2-3KG size or a larger 3-5KG size, these beautiful pure Himalayan salt lamps have been carefully carved by hand, in keeping with their natural appeal.
  • UNIQUE AIR PURIFIER: All natural Himalayan rock salt emits negative ions into the air which zaps odors, smoke, dust & allergens that cause asthma. It also gives off energy that traps positive ions to improve the air you breathe.
  • ELEGANT WOOD BASE: Each Himalayan crystal salt light sits upon a solid wood base that keeps it supported & elevated. Place the lamp on a table top, shelf, counter top, desktop, meditation altar, nightstand or end table.
  • DIMMING LAMP LIGHT: Outfitted with a small dimmable bulb, you’re able to control the amount of light provided by the Himalayan lamp as desired. Turn it up for brightness or turn it low to set the mood for romance!
  • GLOWS GORGEOUSLY: When plugged in & turned on, the hand-carved salt lamp delivers an entrancing glow that amplifies to the tranquilizing ambiance of a spa room, meditating room, holistic healing center, sun room or sitting area.

Details: Whether decorating a meditation room or simply looking for home decor that is also functional & easy to use, a Himalayan salt lamp is where it’s at.

While the hand-carved salt crystal lamp is a beauty to look at, it’s also a natural air purifier. That’s right. Offering properties that cleanse the air by emitting negative ions & trapping positive ones, these salt lamps do a good job of boosting the quality & the smell of the air you breathe.

Complete with a wooden base & a dimmer cord, our Himalayan salt lamps are sturdy, durable & perfect for bringing a warm glow to any space in the home or at the office.

Our Himalayan lamps are available in a small 1-2KG size, a medium 2-3KG size or a large 3-5KG size. Select the weight you need & order air cleansing salt lamp today!

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