TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad, 5 Quiet Fans and LCD Screen, 5 Heights Adjustment, 2 USB Port and Blue LED Light

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Brand: TopMate

Color: Black


  • TopMate laptop cooling pad has 5 fans, the four outer fans and the large center super strong wind fan.
  • The notebook cooler has a unique design and adjustable tilting, 5 heights adjustment allow you to raise your viewing and typing experience, thus relieving the pain on your neck and back.
  • There is a hinged flap that you can flip up to keep the laptop from sliding down towards you.
  • This has a small LCD screen and a button control panel. The screen displays information about various wind speeds and buttons let you switch different modes. It provides 6 wind speeds and 3 fan operation modes.
  • The laptop cooling fan has blue LEDs that illuminates it while working. It looks nice specially in dark conditions.

Publisher: NIPAI

Release Date: 01-12-2018

Portable Laptop Cooling Pad creates a continuous and evenly dispersed air flow beneath your laptop to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU and GPU trapped in the laptop housing. It has great cooling power and all features you need while remaining slim, light weight, and quiet.

Adjustable Height Settings

The unique design of this laptop cooling pad offers 5 height settings to position your laptop at ideal viewing and provides you with the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing.

Button display screen switch,Eye-catching blue LED light

Button display screen switch for adjusting the wind speed of five fans;Eye-catching blue LED light to better know wind speed status of the fans.(The brighter the light is, the faster the speed will be)

USB Powered

Built-in 2 USB hub. This laptop cooling pad is conveniently powered by the USB port on your computer, with no power adapter needed.

– Product Size: 350X300X40mm
– Fan Size: 120mmX1pcs,65mmX4pcs
– Fan Rotating Speed: 2500RPM±10%
– Color: Black
– Material: Plastic + Metal Mesh
– Voltage: DC 5.0V
– Length of USB cable: 75cm
– Air flow: 15CFM
– Rated Current: 0.5A-0.79A±5%
Packaging include

-1x k5 laptop cooling pad
-1 x USB Cable
short press the switch button to start equipment
Long Press the button switch to fan mode conversion is working


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